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the New Covenant

ISBN# 978-0-9669747-5-1
Benchpress Publishing
April 2013
425 pages

The New Covenant (or New Testament) is more than a collection of writings consisting of the four gospels, the book of Acts, various epistles, and the book of Revelation glued and stitched together between a leather jacket. It should primarily be understood as the present, eternal, relational reality between God and his people.

In The New Covenant, you will see how this covenant was progressively realized and played out in the captivating saga of the first-century church as God himself embroidered this extraordinary message into the lives of his people.

The drama is brought to light through the eyes of the apostle John. It illuminates the role he played, in combination with other major first-century figures, in helping to articulate the New Covenant relationship between God and man and leave behind for future generations the body of writings that we today call the New Testament.

Countless books and sermons have endeavored to reconstruct and interpret the story of the early church; scholars and theologians have left us with verse-by-verse commentaries on the twenty-seven books contained in the New Testament while historians have attempted to explain how they came to be selected as part of the Bible. Doctrines have been clarified, Bible prophecies decoded, end-time timelines deciphered, and life lessons from New Testament characters illustrated. In The New Covenant, you will find all of these elements—the saga, the commentary, the doctrine, the prophetic word, and New Testament principles to live by, all woven together into one spellbinding story!

the New Covenant

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