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His Desire Is for Me

ISBN# 978-0-9669747-2-0
Benchpress Publishing
September 1, 2011
240 pages

The Song of Songs is the tender tale about a monarch and a maiden, a king and his captivating bride. Viewed by some as a rather obscure book of the Bible, with eyes to see, it is truly a book that reveals the passionate, intimate, and jealous love that God has for his people. The Song of Songs is to be savored, meditated upon, and experienced, because intimacy with God can be discovered individually only through life-changing, personal, one-on-one encounters with Him.

Blending fiction, commentary, and 30 days of devotions, His Desire Is for Me gives you bite-sized portions of the Song of Songs to feast upon. Unlike other commentaries, author Bob Emery expands it as a daily devotional so that, along with prayer and meditation, you will delight in its spiritual content. This exceptional combination of story, study, and prayer sets the table for you, in your quiet times, to have your own personal encounters with God.

His Desire Is for Me reveals the different stages a believer goes through on the road to spiritual maturity, as his or her love for the Lord grows from an initial love to an increasing love, and finally unfolds into a mature love. This book helps you understand how our Heavenly King woos us, wins us, and draws us to Himself.

Adding to the uniqueness of this blend of commentary and devotional, Emery has also provided a fictional story portraying the relationship between Solomon and the Shulammite based on what is known about them from the Song of Songs and other biblical and historical references. In a fresh way, this puts flesh and blood on the spiritual truths and principles contained in the Song. Throughout the 30-day journey you will come to believe, with conviction, that God does love you with an unfailing love and that His desire is truly for you!

His Desire is for Me

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