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An Evening In Ephesus

ISBN# 0966974700
Benchpress Publishing
March 1999
126 pages

Imagine yourself in a gathering of the church in Ephesus in the first century. John, the Apostle, is in town after his release from exile on the Island of Patmos. You have some questions about a letter the church had received some years earlier that John wrote containing “the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

At this meeting you hear John himself explain:
Who is “the beast?”
What is 666?
Who is Babylon, Mother of the Harlots?
What is the 1,000 year reign?
What is the New Jerusalem?
Other mysteries and events described in his letter.

Most commentaries on the book of Revelation are heavily footnoted, slow reading and collect dust on seminary bookshelves. Others are laced with current events and quotes from contemporary newspaper articles. An Evening in Ephesus presents a complete overview of the book of Revelation and an interpretation that would easily have been understood by Christians living in the first century, to whom it was addressed. And, it reads like a novel.

Finally, an easy-reading book that will shed light on one of the most misunderstood books in the Bible!

An Evening in Ephesus

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