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“A commentary of commentaries on the Song of Songs.”

-Edward P. Miller, Bible Study Ministries
Bob Emery
Bob Emery
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His Desire Is for Me
By: Bob Emery

The Song of Songs is the tender tale about a monarch and a maiden, a king and his captivating bride. Viewed by some as a rather obscure book of the Bible, with eyes to see, it is a book that reveals, like none other, the passionate, intimate, and jealous love that God has for His people.

Blending fiction, commentary, and 30 days of devotions, His Desire Is for Me provides daily, bite-sized portions of the Song of Songs for you to savor, meditate upon, and enjoy. It reveals the different stages believers go through on the road to spiritual maturity in their love for the Lord, from an initial love to an increasing love, and finally unfolding into a mature love. Read it, and you will come to believe, with conviction, that His desire is truly for you!

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His Desire is for Me
His Desire is for Me the New Covenant Called to Rebuild Called to Rebuild